Trade Ripple – Ripple Reaches All Time High!

By | January 4, 2018

Things are as always developing quite fast on cryptocurrency market. There are new developments every day. 2017 was real roller coaster, but that year finally saw full adoption of cryptocurrency market by wide range of media houses. Now everybody is talking about crypto! This is good news, since more and more investors are coming to crypto market and thus rising prices of cryptocurrencies. It is important not to miss out on this great opportunity. You can see what is going on with Ripple on the chart below.

Trade Ripple

Trade Ripple – What Is So Special About Ripple?

Ripple is great project. It aims at replacing bitcoin as the leading cryptocurrency. It is all about simple financial transactions. XRP – Ripples token is supposed to exploit bitcoins weaknesses, such as speed of transaction. This, along with entire ripple eco system makes it quite attractive, which explains the price surge that we are witnessing past week.

There are many headlines that illustrate how big ripple has become. It became the first cryptocurrency after bitcoin that has surpassed 100 billion dollar market capitalization. It has pushed ethereum from number two spot on all cryptocurrency exchanges around the world. But it didn’t stop there. Just day after reaching 100 billion cap it has reached 140 billion market cap and it shows no signs of losing its pace. This may be good time to get in on action.

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Trade Ripple – What Is Behind This Great Price Surge?

Main event that started this recent price surge is the first XRP hedge fund went live. This is one great news, not just for ripple, but also for all other cryptocurrencies. Now we can expect other hedge funds opening up for other cryptocurrencies. Hedge fund is called Arrington XRP Capital and it is 100 million dollar fund. It is owned by Michael Arrington, who is better known as founder of TechCrunch.

Though Arrington XRP Capital is neither the first nor the largest crypto hedge fund it is first hedge fund that deals in XRP. Investors can buy shares of the fund and those who do will get distributions in XRP. It is planned that fund pay fees and salaries in XRP.

Trade Ripple – Founders Became Billionaires!

This great rise of XRP/USD has put another success story to spotlight. And that is story about guys who started ripple as a business in the first place. Now they have received their well-earned reward. Ripple went up by 1.000% in the past month. Owners and executives are super rich thanks to that fact.

For example Chris Larsen who is co-founder and he alone holds 5.19 billion XRP. He also holds 17% stake in the company according to Forbes report. This makes him worth at least 39.8 billion dollars. On the Forbes Rich List this paces Chris Larsen on the spot 21. He is 21st wealthiest person in the world and 11th wealthiest person in the US.

Trade Ripple – How To Trade?

Trading is simple, you invest money, buy Ripple and wait for it increase value. Or if you are after more dynamic approach you can engage in day trading. Buying at lows and selling at highs. Style you choose is up to you, but first step is the same regardless of your trading style. That is opening account and start trading. You can do so by clicking on the button below the text and opening free trading account at well-trusted broker – IQ Option.

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