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By | December 28, 2017

As well established broker, Olymp Trade is always keeping its offer up to date. Most recent addition are cryptocurrencies. Crypto is really a buzzword of the year! Now everybody is investing in them. People usually buy cryptocurrencies on crypto exchanges but thanks to Olymp Trade you can now trade cryptocurrency options. What is great about Olymp Trade cryptocurrencies? Continue reading to find out!

Olymp Trade Cryptocurrencies – Why Trading Cryptocurrency Options?

There is number of reasons why is trading options good idea. First of all you don’t need to buy a crypto and then wait for it to rise. It can take months or even years for your chosen cryptocurrency to reach rice level high enough to give you decent return on your initial investment. With options you only need to choose expiry time and strike price that suits you. Secondly trading options is a great way to hedge position you are holding in cryptocurrencies. E.g. if you are holding bitcoin and it has a rough period of downward price movement you only need to buy low/put option and cash out after option expires.

Olymp Trade Cryptocurrencies

Everyone who knows anything about cryptocurrencies knows that crypto market is volatile and options are great tool to steer trough volatile markets. There are great trading strategies that can help you make money on volatile markets. You can read our article about binary gambit trading strategy.

Trading crypto options is great opportunity for those who missed out on initial cryptocurrency rise. It is hard to find good ICO these days and well established cryptocurrencies don’t offer such high yields as they used to. If one understands crypto well he/she can cash in on that knowledge by trading options easier then cryptocurrencies themselves.

Well established exchanges such as CBOE and CME are offering cryptocurrency futures for trade to institutional traders. Futures are form of options contracts that are strictly formulated and canonized by exchanges. Unfortunately futures trading is accessible only to big players. But small time traders can trade with brokers such as Olymp Trade.

Olymp Trade Cryptocurrencies – What Cryptocurrencies Are Available For Trade?

Olymp Trade really went far to offer high number of cryptocurrencies available for trade. You can trade: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoing, Bitcoin gold, Bitcoin cash, Ripple, Monero, Dash, Zcash and Ethereum classic. In addition besides trading for example BTS/USD pair you can trade cryptocurrency pairs, such as ETH/BTC for example. This wide range of offered assets makes it easier to hedge your position if you are holding certain cryptocurrency that is offered by Olymp Trade.

Olymp Trade Cryptocurrencies – Conclusion

As entire world has gone mad after cryptocurrencies so has Olymp Trade decided to offer their traders cryptocurrency options. As always with Olymp Trade all trades are safe and traders can count on their money when they ask for withdrawal. Besides trading crypto you can also trading options on stocks, indices, commodities and fiat currencies. If you are still looking for more info about this broker you can read our comprehensive Olymp Trade broker review. Click on the button below the text to start trading cryptocurrencies on Olymp Trade platform!

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