Olymp Trade VIP Account – We Checked What Are Perks Of VIP Status

By | January 6, 2019

As of late, Olymp Trade has started to offer theri traders special, VIP status. Thus, they created a VIP trading account. Up until recently they only offered regular trading account that could include demo trading account for practicing. But every account was the same no matter how much trader would deposit. Obviously people from Olymp Trade have recognized the need for special treatment of big traders. This makes sense, if they are investing a lot of money they are expecting special treatment. And now they get it thanks to VIP accounts. If you are looking for more information about this broker feel free to read our comprehensive Olymp Trade Broker Review.

Olymp Trade VIP Account – Perks Of VIP Status

Being VIP brings a lot of advantages to traders. In every way Olymp Trade will treat you like a king! Success in online trading depends largely on which resources trader can use for work in financial markets. On the Olymp Trade platform VIP users will get more favorable conditions for trading, meaning you will get higher payouts if you trade successfully. Return on single trade can be up to 92% in case of correct prediction. VIP traders are entitled to free training and money other useful features. Those features include: personal analyst that can help you prepare better for your trading sessions, secret trading strategies that can give you an edge on the market, higher limits and risk-free trades. We will dive into more detail about these perks in continuation.

Olymp Trade VIP Account

Olymp Trade VIP Account – Personal Analyst

Each VIP trader get a personal financial analyst. There are professional traders that help traders solve their problems individually and they can tell you various tips and tricks of trading. They can make sure traders understand trading platform really well and make the most of it. With Olymp Trade analysts you will never miss an interesting situation in the market! And, if you are interested you can use their knowledge to your advantage by learning from their trading experience. Yes, individual training is a part of the list of VIP privileges.

Olymp Trade VIP Account – Increased Profits Per Trade

Brokers usually offer profits on trade between 60% and 80%, but Olymp Trade VIP traders will get profits of up to 92%. This means VIP traders get higher returns on their trades than regular traders on regular accounts. This allows trader to better manage their investments and significantly reduce the risks when trading with a VIP status.

Olymp Trade VIP Account – Unique Trading Strategies

Whenever you trade you need to have a trading strategy in place. If you don’t use trading strategy you will make random choices which will inevitably lead to financial loss. From their first day of trading, VIP traders receive unique stratagems well known for their quality and efficiency. The instructions are given in the form of a clear step-by-step guide, with a clear description of the moment when a position should be opened. Professional strategies can save you a lot of time. Even if you are an experienced trader these strategies can improve your results.

Olymp Trade VIP Account – Higher Limit

Traders that are trading on regular account can’t execute trade above limit of 2.000$. On the other hand VIP traders can execute trades with limits up to 5.000$. So when you see a good opportunity on the market you can seize it with max amount possible to make profit as big as possible.

Olymp Trade VIP Account – Risk-free Trades

Some brokers, including Olymp Trade offer bonus to their traders, but VIP traders get something even better – risk-free trades! Every VIP trader gets several risk-free trades as a welcome bonus. What does risk-free trade mean? Risk-free means that if trade doesn’t go well traders doesn’t lose money, but if it goes well you get your profit. Sounds great? Well, it is. There is no catch. VIP users get risk-free trades every first day of each new month. Their number depends on the trader’s turnover. The more trades you make, more risk-free trades you get to use. The turnover scale is visible to all VIP traders.

Olymp Trade Demo Account

Olymp Trade VIP Account – Conclusion

It could be said that Olymp Trade finally created special VIP offer for their traders. Many other brokers did this so far and it was obvious this is the way Olymp Trade should follow. It took them more time than expected (they exist for more than four years), but Olymp Trade VIP account is here. VIP status brings a lot of perks to new traders. You can read about them in this article, but we bring you a table of perks, so you have it all in one place:

Deposit bonus30%-50%10%-30%
x2 bonus100%100%
Risk-free tradesYESNO
Withdrawal limitUnlimitedUnlimited
EducationYES + VIP educationYES
Risk-free trades bonusYESNO
Personal analystYESNO
Technical analysisYES + VIP packYES
Trading signalsYES + VIP signalsYES
Profits up to (%)92%82%

If you like what you see in the table, you should go over to Olymp Trade and open your free trading account. You can do so by clicking on the button below the text. Once you open your account you can use demo account to practice trading and then, when you feel ready make a deposit. Remember for VIP account you need to deposit at least 2.000$. Happy trading!