Olymp Trade Maximum Payout Is Astonishing 90%!

By | April 29, 2017

Olymp Trade Broker ReviewThis broker is established in 2014. They have been around for three years and have gained many satisfied customers. Olymp Trade is best known for its very low minimum deposit and equally low  minimum trade. In this article we write about return on trade that they offer to their traders. Olymp Trade maximum payout can go even up to 90%! If you wish to read more about max payout and all its implications continue with this text. If you however wish to learn more about Olymp Trade read our comprehensive Olymp Trade broker review.

Olymp Trade Maximum Payout | Compared With Other Brokers

Olymp Trade maximum payout is definitely one of the highest returns offered on the market. Very few brokers on the market can math that. This is consequence of Olymp Trade’s enduring effort of offering best possible terms to their traders. If high payout is major factor according to which you are grading brokers, Olymp Trade is definitely excellent choice.

Olymp Trade Maximum Payout | Do All Trades Have 90% Payout?

We can say right away – they don’t. Payout varies from trade to trade. It depends on which asset you are trading, which trading method are you using and what account type you have. Olymp Trade offers only one and the same trading account to all traders, so there is no difference on return between different account types as it is case with other brokers. Usually the riskier trade bigger the payout.

Olymp Trade Maximum Payout

Olymp Trade Maximum Payout | Why Is Payout Important?

It can’t be overstated how payout or return on trade is important. It really dictates everything about binary options trading. Bigger the payout on trade less trades are necessary for trader to win in order to be profitable. We can make an example of a trader that makes 10 trades each worth 10$. So trader has invested 100$ altogether. If broker offers payout of 90% per successful trade that means trader gets 9$ of profit per winning trade. Simple math tells us that trader needs to win 6 out of ten trades to keep himself afloat. If 6 trades are successful trader makes 54$ profit and loses 40$ at the same time from lost trades. Of course trader retains 60$ invested in winning trades. So after 10 trades from this example trader ends up with 114$. At the beginning trader invested 100$, so pure profit is 14$. Good traders have easy time winning 6 out of 10, great ones can make even 7 or 8 winning trades out of 10.

Olymp Trade Maximum Payout | Conclusion

Olymp Trade’s maximum payout is relatively high compared to other binary options brokers. There are very few that c match their payout. Remember, you only need 6 out of 10 winning trades to be profitable with Olymp Trade. If you wish, you can open an account at Olymp Trade web site and start trading just by clicking on the button below the text.