Olymp Trade Economic Calendar: News Of The Week For All Traders!

By | February 21, 2018

Trading on news is one of most common ways of trading. After important news assets tend to lose or gain value depending whether the news was positive or negative. That’s why it is good idea to use Olymp Trade economic calendar to be up to date to all important news outlets. Olymp Trade, one of best brokers on the market publishes regularly news for upcoming weeks. For this week 19th-25th February they have published 4 important events that matter. Every serious trader will make sure he/she is up to date with important news and economy performance indicators. Olymp Trade takes good care of its traders by providing regular news updates and heads up for upcoming periods.

Olymp Trade Economic Calendar: This Weeks Headline News

This week 19th-25th of February has 4 important events:

  1. 20 February, 10:00 am UTC+0, EUR/USD asset “ZEW German Economic Sentiment Indicator”
  2. 21 February, 9:30 am UTC+0, GBP/USD asset, Average Pay Including Bonuses
  3. 22 February, 9:30 am UTC+0, GBP/USD asset, GDP (Q/Q) (UK)
  4. 23 February, 10:00 am UTC+0, EUR/USD asset, Consumer price indexes (CPI) (Great Britain)

These news outlets have effect on various currency pairs as indicated above. It is a good idea to either wait for news to get out and take immediate trading action or to predict what the news will be and place your trade accordingly. Timing is very important. Besides these two basic ideas it can prove profitable to use one of more advanced trading strategies like binary gambit.

Olymp Trade Economic Calendar

What Is ZEW German Economic Sentiment Indicator?

It is an indicator created by aggregating assessments and forecasts for important international financial market data done by 300 leading German experts from banks, insurance companies and leading corporations. Participants are asked about their six-month expectations concerning the economy, inflation rates, interest rates, stock markets and exchange rates in the Eurozone, Germany, Japan, United States. ZEW German Economic Sentiment Indicator is published monthly and it basically shows how German economy will perform in the upcoming 6 month period.

What Is Average Pay Including Bonuses?

This report is about U.K. labor market. It measures the change in the price companies and government pay their employees. This includes bonuses. Average pay including bonuses indicates personal income growth on monthly basis. If figure is higher than expected it is taken as a bullish sign for GBP. On the other hand if figure is lower than expected it is taken as a bearish sign for GBP.

What Is GDP (Q/Q) (UK)?

This measure shows how UKs GDP grows or falls Quarter on quarter. If percentage of growth is higher than expected it usually causes GBP to gain on other currencies especially USD. If growth is smaller or if it is a fall than GBP loses value compared to other currencies.

What Are Consumer price index (CPI) (Great Britain)?

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) is the official measure of inflation of consumer prices of the United Kingdom.

Little Bit About Olymp Trade

This broker is established in 2014. They have been around for three years and have gained many content customers. Olymp Trade economic calendar is great source of news that is valuable for any trader. Broker is best known for its very low minimum deposit and equally low minimum trade. Olymp Trade max payout can go even up to 90%! If you wish to learn more about Olymp Trade read our comprehensive Olymp Trade broker review. If you wish to open free trading account with this broker you can do so by clicking on the button below the text.