Olymp Trade Bitcoin Trading – Trade Options Rather Than Bitcoin Itself!

By | January 15, 2018

Bitcoin is word of 2017! No word was mentioned more often in media entire year. And results are obvious, from less than $1.000 in January 2017 it went up to $20.000 in December that same year! Incredible growth, that was followed by fall, but Bitcoin is still trading at high level of around 13-14 thousand dollars. Bitcoin had really bumpy ride in 2017. Investing in such volatile asset isn’t for faint hearted. In this article we will talk about trading Bitcoin options rather than Bitcoin itself. More specifically we will talk about Olymp Trade Bitcoin trading options. We explain what trading options is and how to trade profitably on volatile markets.  If you are interested read on!

Olymp Trade Bitcoin Trading – Why Options And Not Bitcoin Itself?

Investing in Bitcoin seems to be good idea as this cryptocurrency has had nice rice over the past year. Bitcoin is branding itself as new gold, as a store of value according to Goldman Sachs analyst Zach Pandl. He wrote that the rapid increase in demand for bitcoin has been triggered by the growing dissatisfaction with regulated monetary systems and the current banking infrastructures.

There is truth in these words. It seem one of biggest investment banks in the world believes Bitcoin has future. And they are not alone. Mike Novogratz, Bitcoin bull billionaire is starting up Cryptocurrency Merchant Bank. This is serious business model that will deal in cryptocurrencies. From this example we can see crypto is not passing trend it is here to stay.

Similar enthusiasm toward cryptocurrencies was displayed by big exchanges. CBOE and CME have launched futures contracts for bitcoin at the end of 2017! At the beginning of this year NYSE requested SEC for approval of Bitcoin ETFs. Obviously big players are looking to invest in Bitcoin options. Futures and ETFS are nothing more than options. They show the way for others. Cryptocurrency market’s volatility makes it great market for trading options.

Olymp Trade Bitcoin Trading

Source: Coinmarketcap.com – Bitcoin price in past 30 days

Olymp Trade Bitcoin Trading – What Are Major Benefits Of Investing In Options?

  1. Cryptocurrency market is volatile so investing in cryptocurrencies can really give you a heart attack. Prices can go up and down by 15% in single day, only to return to previous levels next day. When you trade options you can make money whether the price goes down or up. Read this article to learn about great trading strategy that works on volatile markets.
  2. Sometimes investors need to wait for months before cryptocurrency they invested in gains value significantly above the USD price they paid for it. With options you can make money on every trade that can be completed within minutes.
  3. Finally options are really great for hedging existing positions. If you are holdin certain amount of bitcoin, you can secure you position just by buying low options. If price of Bitcoin goes up you make money on Bitcoin, if it goes down you make money on option.

Olymp Trade Bitcoin Trading – Conclusion

If you are thinking about trading Bitcoin options Olymp Trade is a great broker for that. All you need to do is to click on the button below the text. It will take you to their Bitcoin page, where you can create free trading account. After that you just need to fund your account either with US dollar, EUR or Russian ruble. You can use that money to trade options in their user friendly trading platform. If you are looking for more information about Olymp Trade read our full Olymp Trade broker review.

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