Olymp Trade Binary Gambit – How To Use This Trading Strategy?

By | July 23, 2017

Olymp Trade is not one of those brokers that will just take traders money and let them to fend for themselves. This broker offers wide range of educational materials that are very valuable for first time traders. Even experienced traders can find some useful tips on trading. Trading binary options is risky and it can cost your money, so it is best to be prepared before you start trading for real money. In this text we will present you trading strategy that is developed by trader with advance knowledge. Read our Olymp Trade binary gambit to learn all about that or if you are looking for more detailed information about Olymp Trade you can visit our Olymp Trade broker review.

Olymp Trade Binary Gambit | What Is Binary Gambit?

There are many trading strategies out there. Not all of them work, but in this article we are talking about specific strategy that works. Its basis is trading on news. This means that trader is making trading decisions based on new released by important institutions around the world. For example institutions are central banks or stock exchange or different government institutions reporting on industrial production, retail results and similar important statistic data.

Olymp Trade binary gambit

Economic calendar

After data publication markets respond and then you can expect price fluctuations. Binary gambit is strategy that makes you profit in such volatile markets. First of all you need to use economic calendar that is available to all Olymp Trade traders. On that calendar you can see upcoming important news announcements. For example you can see when FED will announce its policy for upcoming quarter or year. This news has effect on US dollar. So you can trade any currency pair that has US dollar to profit from this news. In binary gambit before news is announced you just bet on both rise and fall of the assets price. After the news is announced price will start to fluctuate. After some time it will stabilize and then you can see did it fall or rise. If it rose you can simply cancel put option and cash in call option. Olymp trade has this option available for its traders. This way you can win a trade very time.

Olymp Trade Binary Gambit | How To Use Binary Gambit?

There is great video about that, you can see that video below:

Olymp Trade Binary Gambit | Conclusion

Olymp Trade proves to be one of best brokers. They are trying to educate their traders to make sure they have a decent chance to make a profit trading binary options. Binary gambit is just one of strategies that can help you utilize Olymp Trade’s trading platform to make money. This strategy won’t make you rich in short time, but it can make steady influx of revenue. If you are keen on trying this strategy you can start by creating a free trading account at Olymp Trade by clicking on the button below the text.