IQ Option Offers Cryptocurrency Options For Trade!

By | December 28, 2017

IQ option is well established broker in the industry with many years of experience. We have already made their broker review. Their customer service is outstanding, they are trying to accommodate every trader be it small or big trader. That’s why you can start trading with IQ option with only 10$. Minimum trade is just 1$, so this way you can start trading even if you don’t have a lot of money ready to invest. IQ option cryptocurrency trading is another novelty in this broker’s selection of options for traders.

IQ Option Cryptocurrency Trading – How Does It Work?

Recently IQ option offered cryptocurrencies for trade. Here trader is not buying or selling cryptocurrency itself, rather than that trader is buying or selling options. If you think price of let’s say bitcoin is going to go up, you need to buy high or call option. If you think price will go down you need to pick low or put option. They are usually shown in green or red colour. If you prediction was right you can get up to 80% return on your investment. Bear in mind that return depends on the riskiness of the trade. Riskier the trade bigger the return. Be careful tough, if you make a mistake and make a wrong prediction about cryptocurrency price movement you can lose all money invested in that particular trade.

IQ Option Cryptocurrency Trading

IQ Option Cryptocurrency Trading – What Cryptocurrencies Are Available For Trade?

Iq option hasn’t let us down here, like they never let us down. They have offered many cryptocurrencies to trade. Among offered cryptos there are: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin,  Ripple, Dash, IOTA and others. This offers wide range of assets to trade. Big number of offered cryptocurrencies increase chances that you can buy option for the cryptocurrency you are holding, thus enabling you to hedge your position. This is always great advantage on such volatile markets such as crypto markets.

IQ Option Cryptocurrency Trading – Conclusion

Cryptocurrency trading offered by IQ Option are just one more addition to already very rich offer this broker has for its traders. Trader at IQ Option really doesn’t need to worry about versatility of his/her trades. Besides trading crypto you can also trading options on stocks, indices, commodities and fiat currencies. If you are interested you can click on the button below the text to start trading at IQ Option. If you are still looking for more info about this broker you can read our comprehensive IQ Option broker review.

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