How To Practice Trading For Free? Use IQ Option Demo Account!

By | April 8, 2018

If you are new to trading demo account is excellent choice. Never invest your money before you master trading. Almost every broker out there uses different trading platform. Since you need to perform trades with your own money it is good idea to know what you are doing. Otherwise you will be left without any funds super-fast. On the other side, if you master trading and get well accustomed to broker’s trading platform you can reap great benefits in the future. So make sure you dedicate some time to practicing trade at demo account. It will pay off with interest. Keep reading to learn more about IQ Option demo account.

IQ Option Demo Account – Introduction

At this time IQ Option is the hot good in the market. Their services are in great demand leaving other brokers in the dust. This is happening for good reason. They offer great returns that can go up to 92% and ask for minimum deposit of 10$ and minimum trade od 1$. These are their main advantages when compared to competition. They offer very interesting types of trade that include forex, digital options, binary options, classic and turbo (expiration time below 5 minutes). You can trade many popular stocks, currencies, cryptocurrencies, commodities and indices. IQ Option organises tournaments for their traders to keep trading interesting, winner get special prizes. One of main advantages over other brokers is completely free demo account. Read more about demo account in continuation.

IQ Option demo account

IQ Option demo account

IQ Option Demo Account – How Does It Work?

You will need to head over to IQ Option web site and register there. You are only required to enter your email and password. After you leave your email address you will receive confirmation email. After you have confirmed your account you can log in. Once you have logged in all you need to do is to click on demo account and start practicing. Notice that unlike with many other brokers with IQ Option you don’t need to deposit your money before you get access to demo account.

It works simply as the real trading platform. There is no difference between demo account and actual trading account. IQ Option trading platform is really user friendly, it offers a lot of tools at technical analysis panel and you can clearly see possible return on trade in percentage. Once you open trading platform trading process should go as follows:

  1. Choose trading asset

IQ Option demo account choosing an asset


It is good idea to choose asset that you are familiar with. Most traded is usually currency pair EUR/USD, but cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ethereum are also in big demand.

  1. Choose expiration time

IQ Option demo account choose expiration time


Expiration time is marked with vertical red line. This is time of your prediction. By that time the asset price will be lower or higher than the time you make a trade. If you predicted price movement correctly you will make money. Otherwise you lose your investment.  White vertical line to the left of expiration time line marks the deadline for placing a trade. Make sure you make a trade before that line is reached.

  1. Choose investment amount

IQ Option Demo account choose investment amount


On IQ Option trading platform you can bid as low as 1$, maximum bid is 10.000$.

  1. Choose call or put

IQ Option demo account choose call or put


This decision should be based on your price movement prediction. If you think price of traded asset will be above current level by expiration time you should choose call, otherwise choose put.

  1. OPTIONAL: Click on the sell option in case you want to close your trade early. This might be a good idea if you sell option is profitable. This is also good way to cut losses in case price moves far away from your strike price and you think it will not rebound in time to make your trade profitable

IQ Option demo account sell option


IQ Option Demo Account – Conclusion

Trading on demo account is strongly advised for all traders. We explained trading process above, but it takes time to practice before you really master trading. Make sure you are familiar with trading platform and all of its options. Make sure you utilize on features such as sell options. Three things will get you ready to trade with real money and make you profits: practice, practice, practice. That being said, you can open demo account at IQ Option for free by clicking on the button below the text. If you are looking for more information about IQ Option feel free to read comprehensive IQ Option review.

General Risk Warning: The financial products offered by the company carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.