Crypto Robot Review – Is Worth Investing In?

By | February 11, 2018

So far we at Options Reviews avoided reviewing automated trading software. We mostly believe in good old “manual” trading and frankly trading robots stink of scam practises. While that may be true, it appears trading robots are gaining a lot of popularity. Thus, we have decided to check them out! First of automated trading software we checked is Crypto Robot. Why? Crypto trading is in, we are also part of crypto mania, so starting with Crypto Robot really makes sense. We have visited and used their software to see how it works and check if they are scam. You can read our findings in this comprehensive Crypto Robot review.

Crypto Robot Review – Introduction

First of all it is important to notice that there are many auto trading services out there with similar names. They mostly have word robot in their name. Not all of them are legit, probably most of them are not. They also tend to have similar logotypes with robot in them of dollar sign or bitcoin sign. So if you are not paying close attention it is easy to make a mistake. That’s why we would like to point out that we are reviewing Crypto Robot software that can be reached at That being said we can move on with this review.

Crypto Robot Review – How Does It Work?

Like any automated trading software Crypto Robot will generate trading signals based on its algorithms. Crypto Robot uses various algorithms to analyse and predict the most profitable trades on cryptocurrency market. As a user you will be getting these signals regularly. You are supposed to use those signals to decide whether you wish to place a trade or not. This way you have control and you make trading decisions. If you are not comfortable with this, or you just don’t have the time to invest in trading you can just put Crypto Robot to autopilot. In “autopilot” mode software will place trades for you based on preset trading options. Whatever trading style you prefer trading with Crypto Robot will prove profitable. It provided very good success rate during our test.

Second important thing one needs to know about Crypto Robot, or any other trading robot for that matter, is that it is not trading platform itself. It actually relies on the partner brokers to execute the trades. Trader needs to choose one broker out of six brokers partnered with Crypto Robot. You can check out the brokers during the process of registration.

Crypto Robot Review – How To Get Started?

Process is quite straight-forward. After you visit Crypto Robot web site you simply:

  1. Create an account
  2. Select your broker
  3. Make you initial deposit
  4. And then use these funds to begin trading

After this procedure is done you need to set Crypto Robot either to manual trade or automated trade. You will also have options to choose regarding trading methods and trading indicators, but more about that in the next section.

Crypto Robot Review Opening Account

Picture 1. Starting with Crypto Robot

Crypto Robot Review – Crypto Trading Methods

If you are about to use Crypto Robot you should know that you have three different crypto trading methods from which you can choose. Each method has its strong points. Crypto trading methods available at crypto robot are:

  1. Classic method
  2. Martingale method
  3. Fibonacci method

First one , called Classic method, is probably best suited for beginners. This trading method is simple and it is the safest choice. Martingale method is better suited for advanced traders that better understand risks. Martingale in general carries higher risks, but it also has very high profitability potential. Fibonacci method is developed using Fibonacci trading strategy. After extensive trading using this method at Crypto Robot they concluded that this is most accurate trading method. It is more complicated to understand than previous two, we don’t recommend you use it before you get a lot of experience.

Crypto Robot Review – Crypto Trading Indicators

Besides choosing your crypto trading method you also need to choose which trading indicators to use. There are six indicators offered by Crypto Robot:crypto robot bitcoin

  1. Trend Indicator
  2. RSI Indicator
  3. Williams Indicator
  4. MACD Indicator
  5. Stoch Indicator
  6. CCI Indicator

Trend indicator activates a trading signal once there is a beginning of a clear trend. Trend trade is the simplest form of trading often described with words: “Trend is your friend!” In continuation experienced trader often add “…until it ends!” When speaking about trend indicator used by Crypto Robot we are talking about extensive technical analysis and analysis of chart patterns. Once trend is indicated it is easy to trade since you know where price will go. But bear in mind it is not wise to use only one indicator; it is good idea to pair it with another one. You can read more on trend trading in our article about trend trading strategy.

RSI indicator or relative strength index (RSI)measuers the speed and change of incremental price movements. This indicator also show whether trading asset is overbought or oversold. It is an index that moves between 0 and 100. RSI values under 30 indicate asset is oversold and RSI values above 70 indicate asset is overbought. It is important to note that in cryptocurrency market RSI may remain overbought or oversold for long periods of time.

Williams indicator is also called Williams Percentage Range (%R). it is momentum indicator that measures whether certain asset is overbought and oversold. This information then can be used to decide on entry and exit points of trade. This indicator is used in periods of 14. Either 14 weeks on weekly chart or 14 hours on an hourly chart.

The Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) Indicator is as complex as its full name. The MACD is two indicators in one. It shows the relationship between two different price averages and in doing so it utilizes both trend following and momentum indicators. MACD calculates longer moving average and subtracting it by the calculated shorter moving average. These moving averages either converge, cross each other or diverge. You can read more about moving averages in this article.

Moving Average in Trading Binary Options

Picture 2. MA chart that shows two crossovers by short and long term moving average

STOCH indicator, often called stochastic indicator or stochastic oscillator is another momentum indicators. STOCH compares the closing price of a cryptocurrency to its range of prices over a certain period of time. Usually STOCH indicator is calculated in period of 14 days.

CCI indicator or Commodity Channel Index is used to spot changes in trends in the market. It can be sued for any assets including cryptocurrencies, not just on commodity markets as its name would suggest. CCI indicator compares current price to the average price over determined period of time. It can be positive or negative depending on price fluctuations.

Crypto Robot Review

Picture 3. Bitcoin chart in Crypto Robot trading platform.

Crypto Robot Review – Additional Trading Settings

We already mentioned that trader has to choose whether he wishes to make trades manually or if he wishes for Crypto Robot to place trades automatically. Traders also need to choose preferred trading method and indicators they wish to use. You can choose to trade any or all cryptocurrencies offered by Crypto Robot. These are: Bitcoin, Dash, ETC, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple. Traders can toggle the settings to allow up to eight simultaneous trades and they can adjust the “Stop Loss”, “Take Profit” and “Leverage Multiplier” at any time. Crypto Robot additional trading settings include three time frames over which trading signals will be generated. Choice of time frames adjusts the historical time frames that the technical indicators use to calculate a signal.

Crypto Robot Review – Conclusion

Automated trading software is prone to scan. It can be an uneasy feeling for trader to give over full control of his trades to a robot. But after our test we can confirm that it works! Crypto Robot has proven to be valuable trading solution. If you don’t have time to trade yourself and have some extra money you wish to invest this is a good option or you. It appears Crypto Robot is legitimate trading tool and they have quite high winning ratio. Great benefit of Crypto Robot is that most brokers that partner with it are regulated. This gives entire story much more credibility. After detailed research we have conducted we can claim that Crypto Robot is reliable system. We haven’t run into any negative reviews or user complaints about this trading software. So, we can recommend this cryptocurrency robot. If you are interested in trying trading with Crypto Robot you can open your free trading account by clicking on the button below.

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