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Binary options evolved over time from “standard” options in order to make investing as simple as possible. At first they were also being traded over-the-counter and limited only to small number of investors. However this has changed in 2007, when OCC changed regulation, so they could be bartered on major stock exchanges. Next step happened in 2008, when US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approved OCCs decision from previous year.  Thus BO were classified as tradable contracts in foreign financial markets. The same year the American Stock Exchange and CBOE publicly offered BO for trade. They were first in the world to do so.

Binary Options – present

Binary optionsWe were witnesses of great rise in binary options trading over the past few years. This rise was first and foremost consequence of introduction of new technology and sophisticated trading platforms and tools. Since it became possible to trade options over the internet great flexibility was introduced to the market. It enabled investors more aggressive trading strategies that bring maximum profits at minimum risk.

Due to many advantages in comparison to more traditional investment options, they have growing popularity within industry. Brokers offer a pre-ordained disbursement and damage format in addition to presenting investors with the convenience of creating vast trading positions in primitive assets using a limited cash deposit. Trading couldn’t be simpler, since investors need only to decide whether price will go up or down.

Today investors can steadily increase their profits and minimize risks as they spend their time in studying and mastering limitless number of trading possibilities. We are bringing you lot’s of articles on trading strategy and issues with intention to help you start as a trader. Feel free to read articles below, we hope they will be of great help.

If you are beginner we advise you to visit our FAQ page to learn basics.

Olymp Trade Strategy – Trading On News

The last article in our series of Olymp Trade Strategy articles is dedicated to trading on news. This is not new revolutionary form of trading, but it works. Some would call this good-old reliable trading strategy. Every trader out there is seeking after some secret trading strategy that works 100% of the time. That kind ...
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Olymp Trade Strategy – Accurate Entry With Minimal Risk

Sounds like unachievable goal? Holy grail of trading? Well, it’s hard to master strategy that would really make entry to trade accurate and minimize risk at the same time. In this article we will write about trading strategy that that if executed well will do just that: accurate entry with minimal risk. This modern trading ...
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Olymp Trade Strategy – RSI Strategy For Trend Reversal

When trading binary options or any other kind of instrument/asset (such as cryptocurrencies) everything is about correct prediction of the direction of future price movement. It is easy to make a successful trade if you are able to notice trend while it is forming. What if you knew when will price trend change? Wouldn’t that ...
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Olymp Trade Strategy – Parabolic SAR Strategy

Parabolic SAR Strategy - Introduction We have shown you many different trading strategies in our Olymp Trade Strategy series of articles. But now, we will write something more about very popular and well-known strategy called Parabolic SAR strategy. Parabolic SAR indicator is an analogue of the moving average. We have written more about that in ...
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Olymp Trade Strategy – Japanese Candlestick Strategy

Japanese candlesticks are probably most popular way of setting up trading charts. Candlesticks tend to be more informative than average linear chart. While using Japanese candlestick chart you can implement various trading strategies. We present you a profitable strategy for combinations of candlesticks. It time-tested, incredibly efficient method that takes into account all possible price ...
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Olymp Trade Strategy – Trading Metals

Traders very often trade currency pairs or stocks, but commodities are much less traded. And among commodities usually oil is the most popular. Silver and gold is much less traded. Sometimes it is unclear how and how much can news affect prices of silver and gold, so that may be reason to avoid trading them ...
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Olymp Trade Strategy – Trading With Moving Averages

Traders are constantly looking for various trading strategies that can bring them profit. At the same time strategy should be simple enough for even beginners to understand and help them make profitable trades. We are presenting such strategies in our Olymp Trade strategy series of articles. In this article we write about trading technique that ...
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Olymp Trade Strategy – Trading By The Hour

Time zones provide traders with opportunity to trade binary options whenever it's convenient for them – at any time of day or night. You can trade on weekday but also on weekends (but not all assets). There are four distinct trading sessions: Pacific session, Asian session, European session and American session. These may overlap and ...
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Olymp Trade Strategy – Ladder Trend Strategy

Trading binary options is really best done by using good trading strategies. Don't be one of those traders that just click high and low button like on a poker machine. If you wish to trade profitably you better use well thought-out strategies. Olymp Trade brings us advices for traders which we at Options Reviews are ...
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Fibonacci Numbers and Fibonacci Retracement in Trading Binary Options

Fibonacci numbers are a string of numbers noticed first by Italian mathematician Fibonacci from 13th century. String consists of numbers: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55 and so on. Notice that every number is actually sum of previous two numbers, this is how this string is created. What does it ...
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