Ayrex Scam Test – Check Out The Test Results!

By | June 3, 2018

Recently we have reviewed broker that boasts speed as its main attribute. We are talking about Ayrex. Feel free to read our Ayrex broker review. We have reviewed this broker and as always when reviewing broker usually at the same time you are making scam test. So we conducted Ayrex scam test to see if their promises are true. Are they just a fraud? Or they are really one of those honest brokers trying to offer the best possible service to their traders? Ayrex is not regulated. This is a yellow light, it makes everything about this broker suspicious. Continue reading to find out does this yellow light become green light or red light.

Ayrex Scam Test – Introduction

Let’s start with little more info about the broker. Ayrex is owned and operated by Advanced Binary Technologies Ltd. Advanced Binary Technologies is registered under number: C44622. Their address is Office 590, Suites 5 Horsfords Business Centre, Long Point Road, Charlestown, Nevis, St. Kitts and Nevis. It’s very important to know that Ayrex isn’t regulated broker. There are a lot of downsides to this, most importantly it is hard to get your money back if they scam you. That’s why we decided to look into this broker in detail.

Since we have seen a lot of scamming brokers out there we had ample opportunities to study their modus operandi. Main two fields where they scam traders are trading platform and money withdrawal. Third important field to check is customer service. They can’t cheat you with that but the way customer service handles complaints can be indicative. For the rest of Ayrex scam test we focus on these three areas.

Ayrex Scam Test – Trading Platform

Ayrex has created their own trading platform. Since trading platform is proprietary it is different from any other platform we have seen. We don’t mean drastically different, but it doesn’t resemble other trading platform solutions available out there. First of all, Ayrex trading platform doesn’t have large number of tradeable assets available. There are precisely 68 assets available for trade. They covered all most interesting assets like EUR/USD currency pair, Bitcoin, blue chip stocks like Google or Apple and commodities like gold and oil.

Like we said Ayrex boasts speed and their trading platform sure is quite fast. It responds quickly to every click it registers trade within seconds and always before deadline for placing bets. During our testing that we did on their demo account trading platform showed no problems in its performance. There wasn’t  a single glitch and as long as our internet connection was working so was the Ayrex trading platform. We checked the price movements of different trading assets and cross checked them with different trading platforms and it all checked out ok, so they are not faking assets price movements.

Ayrex trading platform is really straight-forward to use, it has very user-friendly design. Traders that require help using the platform can download a manual which will help them familiarize themselves with various trading tools that this trading platform has. They have demo account and we strongly advise that you use it before you invest real money because that way you gain trading skills for free. You can find out about Ayrex demo in this article. When it comes to trading platform we give Ayrex the green light. Let’s see how money withdrawal works.

Ayrex demo account

Ayrex Scam Test – Money Withdrawal

Money withdrawal is really a kingmaker when it comes to legitimate brokers. Money withdrawal really sets scammers apart from legit brokers. That’s why we have spent most of our time making sure money withdrawal process works fine. We have checked internet for comments on how Ayrex handles money withdrawal and we found general positive comments on many different forums. What really caught our attention were comments saying that they got money from Ayrex the same day they requested the withdrawal. Money arrived within hours! Could this be true?

We have investigated this and it really appears to be true! But it doesn’t work for every withdrawal/deposit method. We write withdrawal/deposit method since the method you use to deposit money is the same method you must use to withdraw your money. You can make deposit/withdrawal via: Visa, Maestro and MasterCard debit and credit cards, Skrill, Neteller, FasaPay and UnionPay. It is possible to make deposit and withdrawal in Bitcoin.

Ayrex banking methods

When it comes to bitcoin and web wallets such as Skrill, Neteller, Fasapay and UnionPay you can expect this super-fast money withdrawals. So money withdrawals are done in the same day if you are using one of those web wallets, if you are using credit or debit card you need to wait for few days to get your money. Ayrex financial department works Monday-Friday every week. So if you request money withdrawal on Saturday, no matter the withdrawal/deposit method you will still have to with till Monday for them to process your request. So if you wish to see you money fast make sure you request withdrawal on working day using web wallet.

Conclusion based on research is that money withdrawal is handled just fine by Ayrex. Everything seems to be in order we haven’t found any complaints from traders who haven’t receive their money. Some were complaining they lost money, but on the other hand some were bragging that they made a lot of money, but no one ever said they didn’t get money the requested. This brings us to the customer service.

Ayrex local banks

Ayrex Scam Test – Customer Service

First thing we noticed about Ayrex customer support is that unlike most brokers they don’t offer assistance every day of the week but just on working days Monday-Friday. This is a downside, but let’s see if they can make it up with the quality of service. We contacted their customer service and also checked for comments from other traders about customer support they got from Ayrex.

It appears customer support team is very professional according to experience traders shared online. On the working days customer support responds quickly usually within minutes. Our experience with contacting support team was very good, they answered quite fast and their responses where relevant and helpful. You can contact them by live chat, email or by phone. Ayrex customer support team was awarded as Best Customer Support 2016. This means that even though they don’t work on weekends, they still make it up on working days offering superb assistance to their traders.

Perfect way to figure out is broker a scammer or not is to ask their support team to help you with money withdrawal. Scam brokers will do their best to talk you out of withdrawing and actually they will try to talk you into depositing more money. Nothing like that happened with Ayrex support team, they actually helped us with money withdrawal and asked us if we were satisfied with their service. They generally asked for feedback. So for customer service we give Ayrex a green light although they don’t work on weekends.

Ayrex scam test

Ayrex Scam Test – Conclusion

We were quite anxious when checking Ayrex for scam practices since it is not regulated broker and that is usually a show stopper. But it appears that this broker despite not being regulated is not scamming its traders. Ayrex scam test has proven that his broker is not a scam. Not being regulated is still a big issue, so keep that in mind when you are making a decision are you going to use Ayrex as your broker. They seem to avoid regulation in order to keep costs low and are trying to build their reputation on the market with superior customer satisfaction. This seems to be working since trading community is very positive about Ayrex.

In this scam test we have reviewed their trading platform, money withdrawal and customer service. As you have read all three areas got green light from us, so Ayrex as a broker get green light. Ayrex IS NOT a scam broker. You can start trading by opening free trading account. Just click on the button below the text and it will take you there. If you are still looking for more information about Ayrex feel free to read our comprehensive Ayrex broker review. We have covered everything there, from money deposit to trading experience, customer service, withdrawals and much more. Happy trading!

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