Ayrex Payout – How Much Can Trader Get Per Trade?

By | September 12, 2018

When choosing which broker to trade with payout is one of most important things to consider. Even when you do great at trading your balance may not be increasing much if you trade with broker that offers low payout. So payout is important thing to consider. Often brokers offer high payout on certain assets and certain types of trading, but low payouts on other assets and types of trade. That is a trap for new traders, if you get to that kind of broker you will probably find yourself with generally low payouts. High payouts are usually offered only for types of trade that carry high risk. We looked into Ayrex payout so that we can make sure you don’t find yourself stranded with broker that offers low payouts. If you are looking for more information about Ayrex feel free to read our Ayrex broker review.

Ayrex Payout – How Much It Is?

It’s hard to determine one exact payout for any broker. As we mentioned before they tend to have different payout % depending on the risk of particular type of trade or trading asset. Ayrex boats very high payout, as they claim they can be as high as 90%. This % should be however taken with grain of salt. We checked their trading platform and it is possible indeed to get 90% return on investment, but this is not very often. Most of the time while testing the platform we have reached payouts between 75% and 85%. Although less than 90% it still is pretty neat.

Payouts this big can really help you become profitable trader. We can’t really blame Ayrex for claiming 90% payouts, since they usually claim: “Payouts up to 90%”. So this implies not all trades and not all assets have 90% payout, but some do. We checked that claim so you can know the truth, as we wrote before you will be getting 75%-85% most of the time with most trades. Currency pairs such as EUR/USD on short term trade type of trade should have 80% payout, while the same currency pair on high/low type of trade will have 75% payout. Available types of trade are short term trading, High/low and one touch.

Ayrex payout

Ayrex Payout – What Success Rate Is Necessary To Trade Profitably With Ayrex?

This is very important consideration, since you are handling real budget you need to know how many successful trades you need in order to stay afloat or to make money. Let’s assume that trades you make have an average of 80% payout (that0s in 75%-85% range). Simple math can tell us how many successful trades out of ten are necessary to be profitable.

Now, let’s assume trader is making 10 trades worth $10. Minimum trade with Ayrex is $5, but we will stick to $10 in this example for easier calculation. Making 10 trades worth $10 means you are investing $100. If 6 out of 10 trades are successful trader will end up with $108. So 6 out of 10 is profitability threshold when trading with Ayrex. If you are successful in 5 or less out of 10 you will lose money. On the other side if you make 7 or even 8 successful trades you can make really a lot of money. In order to achieve such great results make sure you practice trading. The best way to do so is to use demo account. Read our Ayrex demo account article to learn more.

Ayrex Payout – Conclusion

It is important to know that you can’t expect the 90% payout all the time. It is reserved for some types of options that usually carry great risks. With Ayrex traders can expect payouts between 75% and 85% most of the time. As we calculated in order to remain profitable trader should make 6 out of 10 successful trades. If we take into account that good traders can make even 7 or 8 successful trades we can conclude that trading with Ayrex can be very profitable. If you would like to give it a go, you can open free trading account by clicking on the button below this article. Looking for more information about Ayrex? Read our Ayrex broker review.

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