Ayrex Bonus Policy – Read How To Make Most Of It

By | September 9, 2018

Pretty much like every broker, Ayrex offer bonus to new traders. This is quite regular tactic used by brokers to attract traders. It is important to be well informed in order to make sure you avoid all possible pitfalls. This is why we have found out all there is to know about the Ayrex bonus policy and we bring you this article. Read it to find out how to make most of Ayrex bonus policy. If you are looking for more detailed information about Ayrex feel free to read our comprehensive Ayrex broker review.

Ayrex Bonus Policy – Terms

As with all other features of their service Ayrex is very flexible with bonus. With most brokers you can choose whether you want to take bonus or not, but with Ayrex you can take it and that change your mind and cancel it. No questions asked! This is very important, because many brokers use bonus to lock trader’s money in their trading accounts. How is this done? Usually brokers ask traders to make trading volume 40 times the bonus amount, sometimes even more than that, before they can withdraw money from their trading account to their bank account. That’s why it is important to read terms of service for every broker.

Ayrex Bonus Policy – How To Cancel Bonus?

For example in Ayrex terms and conditions there is that same clause about 40 times trading volume. But in case of Ayrex it is much less frightening, since you can cancel the bonus if you accept it. How does it work? Well, when trader cancels bonus, bonus amount is removed from his/her trading account together with all possible profits earned with that bonus amount. Of course if you incur losses they are not removed from your trading account.

Ayrex bonus policy

Let’s see how this works in this example: trader makes $1.000 deposit and accepts 30% bonus, which makes $300. In this example trader will not reach requested trading volume which in this case would be $12.000. Then trader starts trading. Let’s say you open two options. First one brings you $500 profit, but second one is a $400 loss. After that your account balance is $1.400. After that first binary options trade that made $500 profit the funds available for withdrawal were $384,61. But once second options closed trader didn’t have any funds free for withdrawal because his initial deposit is the first to be deducted. So at this point trader’s personal funds = (1.000+384,61)-400=$984,61.

Bonus amount and the profit made with it equals 300+115,39=$415,39. Now if trader cancels the bonus, he can withdraw 984,61 EUR. This way trader has minimized his losses thanks to the bonus. Also his funds haven’t been locked in the account for achieving trading volume. This example shows how canceling bonus can help you even if you incur a loss when you accept a bonus.

In case trader starts trading and makes a profit before reaching the required volume of transaction he can still make a withdrawal, but only for the profit made with his deposit, not with bonus. If trader had deposited $1.000 and took 30% bonus on his deposit(this equals $1.300) and made a profit of $500 he can request withdrawal and he would get $384,61. How? Math is simple: 100×500/1300=384,61. This way broker ensures you don’t withdraw bonus or any profits made from bonus before your reach requested volume of transactions, but they don’t lock your own funds, you can make a withdrawal whenever you need.

Ayrex Bonus Policy – Bonus Scale

Bonus scale looks like this:

  • For deposits ranging from $100 to $499, traders will receive a deposit bonus of 10%.
  • For deposit of $500 to $999, the bonus ranges from 10% to 20%.
  • For deposit of $1000 and above, the bonus can go up to as high as 30%.

Keep in mind that if you accept bonus you need to make that trading volume before you withdraw. If you are ok with it then accept bonus, otherwise make sure you refuse it.

Ayrex Bonus Policy – Conclusion

Unlike most other brokers Ayex is not using bonus to lock your money in trading account. They do use it as a marketing tool to attract traders. Keep in mind that you can cancel bonus whether you are winning or losing. If your trades are going great keep on trading until you reach requested trading volume necessary to make withdrawal. If you start losing trades and you wish to withdraw your money you can just cancel bonus and make a withdrawal with remaining funds. You need to cover losses you incurred from your own funds, but at least your money is not locked in the account. If you would like to check Ayrex out or you are already ready to open free trading account you can do so by clicking on the button below the text. Happy trading! You can also read our Ayrex broker review if you are looking for more information about this broker.

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