6 Binary Options Trading Rules

By | March 8, 2016

6 binary options trading rulesBinary options trading rules are general guide to trading binary options online. If you set strict rules and upkeep them you can expect best possible yields during longer period of time. Short term everybody can have difficulties, but in the long run sticking to rules always wins the day (if not month or year). Here we discuss 6 rules that are our warm recommendation to all traders out there.

Binary Options Trading Rules are:

  1. Plan your risk exposure – this simply means, never invest too much of your budget to single trade. Risk is part of binary options online trading, never underestimate it. Preferably divide your trading budget in such manner that only small part is reserved for high risk trades.
  2. Follow the trend – always, but always try to find a trend to follow. As they say, trend is your friend. Exercise caution tough, every trend comes to an end, so never invest too much of your budget on a single trend. Find more long lasting trends and let them be the backbone of your investing budget.
  3. Hedge as often as possible – don’t be too greedy, in the long run it is much better to have smaller but more probable gains, than lose big time on high risk trades that promise great return. This is one of binary options trading rules that will save you from many headaches.
  4. Manage your budget wisely – always remember not to make too big trades relative to the overall amounts of funds on the binary options trading account. Aim your trades to be between 5-10% of your budget. Never go above 10%!
  5. Be patient – they say patience is a virtue and they are right! Sometimes you can go through rough patch, sometimes you need to spend a lot of time to find usable trend. Always keep in mind that trading binary options is not easy and it takes a lot of hours and a lot of trades to master it. It pays off in the end.
  6. Keep binary options diary – it doesn’t need to be actual diary but you have to keep record of your previous trades. This is the best way to learn and make sure you don’t repeat mistakes from the past.

These are 6 binary options trading rules. One principle applies in all mentioned rules and that is: “Always keep the cool head”. Never let emotions to meddle in your decision making process, just follow the rules and success will come.