24Option Ethereum Trading – How To Make Money On Ethereum?

By | January 2, 2018

Answer to this question is really simple: Don’t trade Ethereum, trade Ethereum options. Why? Well, we are talking here about well-established cryptocurrency, which is much more than just a cryptocurrency, but we will get to that part later. Truth is: Ethereum is old news. If you would invest in it now you couldn’t really make a lot of money in the short run. But if you trade options that have Ethereum as underlying asset, you might make good money on its price movement. All you need to do is to predict will the price of Ethereum go up or down in certain time period.

24Option Ethereum Trading – How To Trade?

First step as always is to register at 24Option web page. After depositing money in your registered account you can start trading. 24Option offers many assets to trade from stocks and indices to forex and commodities. Here we are focusing on Ethereum. Trading is done via trading platform. You can see how it looks like on the picture below.

24Option Ethereum Trading

Trick about trading Ethereum options or any options whatsoever is to predict price movement. If you are well informed about Ethereum it shouldn’t be hard to predict whether will price go up or down. Usually traders look for news that will determine price movement. After the news is out they make a trade. You can read about this trading method here.

Once you have decided where will price go, you need to make a trade. First decide how much you wish to invest in this particular trade, then choose buy or sell option (depending on your price movement prediction). After you do that trade commences. Now you just need to wait till your option expires. If your prediction was right you can get between 60% and 80% return on your trade. High returns like these make trading options really worthwhile.

There are few other options that can help you make profitable trade. For example “Open trade when rate xy”. With this option you can choose to enter trade when cryptocurrency which you are trading reaches certain amount. If you wish to trade with trend you only need to set that rate in the direction you believe trend will go. After price has passed that point trading platform will automatically perform buy or sell, depending what you have preset.

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24Option Ethereum Trading – More On Ethereum

Like we stated above, Ethereum is much more than just a cryptocurrency. It is a platform. Platform that runs smart contracts. It is decentralised since it utilizes blockchain technology. Smart contracts are actually application that run exactly as they are programmed. Thanks to blockchain there is no downtime, censorship, fraud or any kind of third party interference.

As the Ethereum home page states: “These apps run on a custom built blockchain, an enormously powerful shared global infrastructure that can move value around and represent the ownership of property.”

Ethereum is really great platform that really utilizes blockchain much better than bitcoin for example. That’s why many analysts predict that Ethereum is here to stay and be traded for a long time at growing price trend.

24Option Ethereum Trading – Conclusion

If you are well informed about Ethereum and possibly already trading it, you can now turn your knowledge and experience into profit by trading Ethereum options. You can trade options via 24Option as one of best brokers out there. If you are interested just click on the button below the text and start trading.

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