24Option Bonus Policy – Can You Get Bonus?

By | June 21, 2017

Bonus has been for a long time one of every broker’s greatest assets in attracting new traders. Who wouldn’t register at broker who is promising 100% bonus on first time deposit? For every dollar you deposit you get additional dollar. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Like with many things in life fine print is what really matters. That said, we write in this article about 24Option bonus policy. If you are interested keep reading. If you wish to learn more about 24Option in general, feel free to read our comprehensive 24Option broker review.

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24Option Bonus Policy | Regulation & Bonus

24Option is broker which is renown in binary options industry as one of brokers who is very strict one it comes to regulation. They take great care for abiding rules set by the regulator. In case of 24Option it is Cyprus Exchange and Securities office, also call CySEC. CySEC has recently banned brokers from offering bonuses to traders. This has come as surprise to some, but this decision is made in order to keep traders from scamming brokers. 24Option is definitely not one of these and that’s why they are not offering bonuses to new traders anymore.

24Option Bonus Policy | Why Is This Good For Traders?

Unfortunately since the very beginning of online trading of binary options there have always been brokers who tried to scam traders. Bonus was one thing that really helped scammers to attract unsuspecting traders. Scammers use to offer even 100% bonus on first deposit just to attract them. It was easy for them since they didn’t plan to pay any money back to successful traders. With bonus out of the picture it will be much harder for them to scam traders. And brokers who remain in business after this decision if they are licensed by CySEC will be legit ones.

There is also rule about bonus that is usually in terms of every broker who offers bonus. And that is the rule that trader needs to make certain volume of trade before being able to withdraw funds from the account if bonus is accepted. It was usually 40 times the bonus amount, sometimes with some brokers even more.

24Option Bonus Policy | If I Can’t Get Bonus, What Other Perks Are There?

The perks traders get really depend on the account type trader has. Account type then again depends on the size of deposit made by the trader. It really pays off to invest more money when trading with 24Option. For example possible perks are: SMS & Email alerts about trading signals, personal coach, live training sessions and very interestingly Juventus tickets. 24Option has partnered with Juventus FC and trough that cooperation they can enable their traders to get tickets for Juventus games. If you are Juventus fan this is broker for you.

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24Option Bonus Policy | Conclusion

To answer the question from the title of the article: No, you can’t get bonus at 24Option. Due to regulation all brokers that are licensed by CySEC can’t offer bonuses to their traders any more. This is not necessarily bad news, since now traders can more easily tell scamming broker from the honest broker. Plus funds on the trading account are not tied. If there is no bonus there is no rule about achieving certain volume of trades before being able to withdraw funds. 24Option offers a lot of other perks. If you wish to trade with 24Option you can click on the button below the text and create a free trading account. If you wish to learn more about 24Option feel free to read our 24Option broker review.